Essentials NO. 1 RED LIPSTICKS


TOM FORD 10 Cherry Lush

36 GBP at Selfridges 


At first sight is a Classic True Red but when applied it appears to be Pinky Red hence the name Cherry Lush with a Mousturising Formula


YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01 Le Rouge

25 GBP at Selfridges


Bright Red with a Mousturising Formula



MAC Russian Red 

15 GBP at Selfridges


Classic Matte Dark Red Shade 



REVLON Really Red

7.50 GBP at Boots


Dark Deep Classic Red with a Matte Finish (great value for money)


An Ultimate Essential that goes with all of the above mentioned lipsticks


MAC Lip Pencil in Brick 

12 GBP at Selfridges

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Winter Staples by AR & Co.


1. Metal Dispenser in Glossy Silver
A classy way to store and use a favourite moisturiser or shampoo/conditioner – a Must Have during the cold season

2. Tangle Teezer in Gold Rush
Forget about tangled and static hair not just this winter but forever

3. Simple Grey Crop Sweater
A mundane basic to be layered with a nude long sleeve top or a crisp white shirt

4. Lace Grey Bra by & other stories
Lace will turn any basic grey mouse bra into boudoir lingerie, especially with an infusion of red detail

5. Oval Brass Ring in Gold by & other stories
Flat oval piece of art is a new twist to a basic band

6. Heart Shaped Key Necklace by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Quirky way to accessorise

7. Chanel No. 5 Intense Bath Oil
Sheer delight for lovers of the iconic perfume. Turns having a bath into a high end experience leaving the skin nicely fragranced and smooth to the touch

8. Watch by Mondaine
Minimalist, sleek and versatile accessory



Big Fat Curls Recipe ®


Heat up the curling iron.
Section your hair into 2-4 zones, depending on how much hair you have.
Choose one zone to start with & pin in the rest of the hair to one side, out of the way.
Start curling a section with the tip of the curler facing down (this way it would be easier for you to grasp the curl afterwards).
Curl each section for 10-15 sec then slowly release the hair off the iron by tugging on the end of your section.
Roll the curls up and pin into place with small hair clips.
When you’re done you should look somewhat like this


Hairspray all this big fat mess and let the curls cool down for ~10 mins
Release the curls and style to your own taste.


Beauty Wars Series: Giorgio Armani vs. L’Oréal


In this edition I am going to compare high end vs. drugstore foundation:

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup L’Oréal NUDE Magique EAU DE TINT.

In my case I came across G.A. first and instantly fell in love with it, well almost!

The story goes: I was on a business trip to Munich with a friend and as you do – we went on a shopping spree eventually stopping at a big Douglas store where I was nonchalantly browsing beauty products, walking around until I bumped into my friend being zombied by a lovely lady from the Giorgio Armani counter and eventually succeeding in making her buy this new ‘unbelievably fantastic foundation’. My initial reaction was: ha ha poor girl have been fooled into buying ~50 Euro foundation (as I haven`t heard about it previously having vast experience in trying out an endless list of high end foundations).

Coming back to a hotel next morning when my friend was playing around with her new pricey foundation, I decided to give it a go as well.

After that it all went black.

I could not believe it. The texture, the feeling. I decided to wear it out and see how it was going to last but the only outcome was that by the start of the next day I was buzzing to go and pick up a bottle for myself. Ironic eh?!

Coming back to the UK I picked up a beauty mag where I saw an ad for this L’Oréal and just could not resist picking it up. The next morning when I tried it I was truly amazed that it feels just like my Giorgio Armani one (mind you I had no idea that L’Oreal Group owns Giorgio Armani cosmetics so it is not so surprising after all).

After trying both out for long periods of time I have noticed only tiniest difference in consistency. At the end of the day they are pretty much the same. They feel like silk on your fingers and like nothing at all on your face. You need a tiny amount which does possess a reasonable amount of coverage.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup retails for 38 GBP


L’Oréal NUDE Magique EAU DE TINT retails for 9.99 GBP